ELGEN Wave is dedicated to the production of clean, renewable energy.  Our flagship technology is Horizon - an array of specialized point absorbers contained in an ultra stable, floating platform.  The unique design of the platform causes it to be entirely unaffected by waves and swells - allowing it to remain almost perfectly motionless.  This ability to mimic the rigidity of a fixed platform allows Horizon to be placed in deep water (far offshore) where wave activity is much more intense.  This seemingly "fixed" nature of Horizon also drastically mitigates one of the main failings of other floating platforms - the tendency of the platform to rise and fall as their floats are acted upon by waves and swells.  Horizon has a 50:1 stability ratio, meaning that for every 50 units of float travel, the platform only moves 1 unit.  This translates to a 98% efficiency, allowing Horizon to convert much more wave energy than other designs.

Horizon platforms can be sized to suit many generation levels.  The platforms require very little material compared to their overall size, and can be constructed out of mostly standard, readily available materials and parts.  This makes them economical to both build and maintain.  Additionally, the structure is extremely strong, allowing Horizon to not only weather Hurricanes, but to operate at peak efficiency during them.

Horizon converts energy on both the up and down strokes of the floats.  This oscillating (bi-directional) motion is converted to a rotating (mono-directional) motion by horizon's unique linear drive converters.  The output drive shaft is connected to a generator which, in turn, is connected to a transmission line, laid on the ocean floor, running to the utility grid on land.

The advantages of Horizon are manifold, and bringing the world clean, renewable energy is the focus of ELGEN Wave.

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