We, at ELGEN Wave, are excited and proud to be working for a better world.  We all have a need for energy, and we also need a healthy, stable environment.  We shouldn't have to sacrifice one for the other.  We, at ELGEN Wave, are dedicated to supporting both of these needs harmoniously.  Our Horizon causes no pollution, and unlike some other technologies (like windmills, which kill an astounding number of birds), it is friendly to wildlife.  Barnacles just love it.  If you would like to help bring Horizon to fruition, we invite you to join the collaborative effort.


The computer software industry provides a good example of global collaboration.  While private enterprises produce the majority of software available today, user created, open source software occupies a large and important segment.  Disparate users from all over the world and from all walks of life, working collaboratively, have created thousands of software applications that rival, and even surpass, the quality and capabilities of those built by private industry.  In a similar manner, we are seeking collaborative help with Horizon.


Currently, we're seeking assistance with...


  • Detailed engineering -
    Requires mechanical engineering for a marine environment.  Knowledge of material load capacities/strengths.  Ability to take current designs to a level suitable for manufacturing.
  • Proposal writing -
    Experience (and success) writing proposals for various investor groups/types: bank loans, grants, angel investors, venture capital
  • CDM/JI document preparation -
    Experience with and navigating though the CDM/JI frameworks.  Preparing pertinent documents:
  • Spanish language translation and communications -
    Requires bi-lingual fluency - including industry terms and jargon.
  • Electricity industry -
    Knowledge of and contacts in the industry and utility systems.
  • Supplier contacts -
    Need contacts for companies who can supply stock materials - items including, but not limited to: I-beams, piping, gears, generators, transformers, electrical cabling, under-sea cabling, cat walks, electronic monitoring equipment, etc.
  • Manufacturing contacts -
    Need contacts for manufacturers who can construct specialized components from the detailed engineering designs including, but not limited to: high torque drive shafts, custom industrial fasteners, custom floats.
  • Insurance contacts -
    Need contacts for specialized insurance, to include such items as building the Horizon platform, and then towing it out to sea, and the Horizon platform while anchored and operating at sea, the under-sea cabling, etc.
  • Governmental permitting -
    Skilled in navigating the permitting process and obtaining permits.
  • Shipping contacts -
    Need contacts with shipping companies who can ship materials and equipment to various ports of call throughout the world.
  • Warehouse(s) -
    Locations, preferably on docks or piers where assembly can occur.
  • Construction/Assembly site(s) -
    Locations, preferably along gently sloping, deep, sandy shorelines where assembly can occur.
  • Crane(s) -
    Need use of crane(s) to move platform(s) from dock(s), into the water.
  • Towing/Installation -
    Ability to tow the platform(s) out to sea, install the anchor(s) and connect the platform(s) to the anchor cable(s) and the under-sea electrical cabling.
  • Videography -
    Seeking videography of platform testing at sea.


Although we don't currently have the budget to either contract out these tasks, or hire employees to perform them, we are willing to entertain the notion of entering into agreements with collaborators regarding a future stake/part in the company.  Conversely, if you don't have the time or expertise to collaborate personally, but still wish to help the effort, please speak to your friends and associates about it.  The more people who know about this effort, the more likely we are to receive the help we need, and the sooner it will happen.  To get involved, visit our Contact page.  You can also...



Thank you for your interest in ELGEN Wave and the Horizon platform.